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How can we make a newsletter feel like a place instead of a thing?

inspired by today's BbUNAmEb1 as well as this tweet

"What makes a piece of software a “place” vs a “tool” or an “appliance”? I think some notion of limitlessness and nesting are necessary."

The Stoa also has the feeling of a "place" more than a thing, group or event. It's interconnected and somehow spacial.

I think, in part this has to do with how entangled language and spacial awareness are

Another take is looking at the newsletter as a physical location with a map.

This is pretty well-trod territory and, while cool, not exactly what I mean by 'feeling like a place'

By a thing feeling like a place I mean a gathering place, a nexus of activity, interest, community. Every town has a place like that, a watering hole where people gather; a place that feels comfortable and charged.