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"The only way to achieve better is to first believe that there is a better out there"

"You're not feeling anxious about small decisions. You are feeling anxiety about the massive decisions your brain has been trained to make alongside very small decisions.

She feels like my girlfriend in the same way that Airbnb feels like your house

He's joyful, not because he's too dumb to see the sad stuff but because he's making an effort to be

We don't date for who we are we date for who we want to be

"instead of focusing on what you are not and what you want to be and trying to change into that person. What I've been learning is that if you focus on learning more about who you are, how to make space for who you are, how to love who you are, you turn into who you want to be


Instead of trying to give the funniest of the most unique answer give the one that's truest to you. Feels dumb to say but that's already unique enough.

Learning to appreciate your own point of view is a journey

I'm never going to be the person I want to be but maybe someday I'll be the person I am and that'll be enough

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> "When talking to someone instead of focusing on what you want to say of what you think you need to say think about what you want to have happen when you are done saying whatever it is you're saying. That inherently makes you think about the other person a little bit more and you will also be more focused on the result and the human being that's going to help you get there. And when something doesn't turn out the way you want it to it's on you and that's super freeing. Don't forget that what they hear is 10x more important than what you say."

She never looked nice she looked like art and art wasn't supposed to look nice It was supposed to make you feel something

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