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Article/001•The Joy of Shade-Tree Thinking

Author:: John A Taylor


Digital gardens must make space for the fruit of deep shade-tree thinking. Thinking for the joy of it, for the perspective it brings. The realization that our inner ideas shape our outer world.

My Dad had discovered a hope that knit together the pieces of his hard-scrabble life, and bloomed in our presence so much so that his memory nearly 30 years later, still provides shade to all of his family. (View Highlight)

The best expression of our thinking is our writing, and my goal is to set my thinking in place, grow my thinking in space, and help nurture the thoughts of others. Even a small “sprinkle” of inspiration can help your garden grow.  And shared mutual expression will produce large, fruitful, shades of thinking in all of our lives. .float-right(View Highlight)