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Book/A Practical Guide to Evil Book 4

Full Title:: A Practical Guide to Evil Book 4


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First added April 21st, 2021

Chapter 8: Dialogue

Grieve all you want, but someone recently told me that grief without corresponding action is meaningless.

Interlude: Kaleidoscope II

pretending to be someone for long enough the deception grew roots and leaves

Salvation without temptation was meaningless. The failure of a man to recognize his weakness should be met with pity and not blame.

Chapter 18: Cradle

Mother, I did not say. I knew a thing or two about words it cost to speak out loud.

Indrani didn’t say anything, though, because unlike the others she understood that some truths simply stayed with you. Like a scar, or a limp you barely even noticed.

Interlude: Red The Flowers

A plan with a single point of failure, after all, was no plan at all.

Chapter 31: Spectation

The true nature of a woman,” Akua said amusedly, “is only ever revealed after she has been prodded

Chapter 33: Keter

I would wager that, to the likes of the Dead King, every bridge is a drawbridge if given sufficient attention


And so Triumphant said: 'Tremble, for I am not yet content.


Chapter 34: Abyss

You are in need of a reminder, Catherine Foundling, of the difference between bravery and ignorance


Chapter 35: Stroll

Do not hesitate, dearest Catherine,” Akua Sahelian said. “If you are to cut the world, it is best to have a steady hand


“You are about to begin a journey, Catherine Foundling. They will hound you,” Neshamah said, “to the ends of Creation. No matter where you flee, no matter how you plead and bargain and reason. They will scour the impurities from you until all that is left is the devil they feared all along. And when you rise from that grave of ash, crawling through blood and smoke?” He smiled. “I will be waiting on the other side.”


Hesitation is never a virtue: faltering is only ever the mother of agony.


there is nothing more dangerous than allowing the others to grasp your heart's desire


Chapter 36: Enchère

If a clever opponent makes a foolish mistake,” Hakram added, “it is either not a mistake or not that opponent’s doing.


Chapter 37: Offing

Is it really a lock if it breaks?


Chapter 44: Catherine’s Plan

How the higher you rise, the more power comes into the shape of others suffering for you


Chapter 49: Wrangle

We are not debating. I am awaiting your final silence.


Chapter 61: Remonstration

Because in the end, if there was only damnation I would rather be damned out of error than fear.


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Fatalism III

he who rides the Ebb must beware of the Flow


Interlude: Zwischenzug II

She’d run with heroes once, the thief remembered. Men and women who’d carried the broken pieces of their old lives with them just as the Woe did


Interlude: Giuoco Pianissimio II

If there were such people out there, they have not come,” Hakram said. “You compare yourself to ghosts of your own making.


Chapter 64: Momentum

Never take a blow unless you have to, much less if you do not know what it will do.


Interlude: Dreadful

a world of endless paths, and someone to walk them with her


Interlude: Apostates

Perfection is the enemy of functionality


Never prone to using a dagger when a spot of genocide would work


Interlude: Apogee

Making virtues of one’s flaws does not mean those flaws are gone


Ye Mighty

The only sin was death, for death was failure


It was a strange thing to outlive one’s despair, and stranger still to pass beyond it


Interlude: Inheritance

maybe, just maybe, one day we will be what we pretend we are


Chapter 70: The Calm Before

The most useful talent is that which no one knows you have


What does it matter if I mourn it, when I do it anyway


You can stop, or you can own it, I thought. Anything else is hypocrisy


How strange it must be, to always act like there is an audience


Chapter 71: Ozone

My flaws are many, but no excuse for yours


Chapter 80: So Below

Judgement only has meaning coming from one worthy of casting it


Chapter 81: Only To The Just

Was compromise on my own terms even compromise at all, or just victory by another name


"It's always the need for control that fucks us, isn't it?" I mused.