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Author:: David Epstein

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First added October 10th, 2021

CHAPTER 1: The Cult of the Head Start

kind-learning-environment skills

the bigger the picture, the more unique the potential human contribution. Our greatest strength is the exact opposite of narrow specialization. It is the ability to integrate broadly.

cognitive entrenchment ... for avoiding ... vary challenges within a domain drastically, and, as a fellow researcher put it, insist on "having one foot outside your world."

The most successful experts also belong to the wider world. ... "it appears as though they are scattering and dissipating their energies, while in reality they are channeling and strengthening them."

CHAPTER 2: How the Wicked World Was Made

Fermi thinking ... breaking down a problem so I can leverage what little I know to start investigating what I don't

CHAPTER 3: When Less of the Same Is More

At nine hundred oversized pages, it is a handbook for large hands.

CHAPTER 4: Learning, Fast and Slow

for learning that is both durable (it sticks) and flexible (it can be applied broadly), fast and easy is precisely the problem

Struggling to generate an answer on your own, even a wrong one, enhances subsequent learning.

generate answers rather than bestowing them. It requires the learner to intentionally sacrifice current performance for future benefit.

Being forced to generate answers improves subsequent learning even if the generated answer is wrong. It can even help to be wildly wrong.

hypercorrection effect ... The more confident a learner is of their wrong answer, the better the information sticks when they subsequently learn the right answer. Tolerating big mistakes can create the best learning opportunities.