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Book/Rationality: From AI to Zombies

Full Title:: Rationality: From AI to Zombies



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Date Finished::October 24th, 2015


9 Expecting Short Inferential Distances

"A clear argument has to lay out an inferential pathway, starting from what the audience already knows or accepts. If you don’t recurse far enough, you’re just talking to yourself."

Chapter:: 9 Expecting Short Inferential Distances

"When I observe failures of explanation, I usually see the explainer taking one step back, when they need to take two or more steps back."

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Chapter:: 9 Expecting Short Inferential Distances

"Oh, and you’d better not drop any hints that you think you’re working a dozen inferential steps away from what the audience knows, or that you think you have special background knowledge not available to them. The audience doesn’t know anything about an evolutionary-psychological argument for a cognitive bias to underestimate inferential distances leading to traffic jams in communication. They’ll just think you’re condescending."

Chapter:: 9 Expecting Short Inferential Distances

13: Belief in Belief

"Fleeting mental images, unspoken flinches, desires acted upon without acknowledgement—these account for as much of ourselves as words."

Chapter:: 13: Belief in Belief