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Book/Rhythm of War

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Date Finished:: December 20th, 2020


Ok I finally finished Rhythm of War and I have thoughts, definitely my least favorite of the Book/Series/The Stormlight Archives so far. We spent to much time with characters and plots that were unimportant

Issues I have with the book:


So much time was spent developing Venli and it amounted to almost nothing. She didn't even really use her cool stone forming powers! She was still a coward at the end!

We didn't need to know any of the Singer flashback info, it has basically no impact on the plot and gave almost no new information. We already knew the broad strokes of how the singers turned we really didn't need an elaboration on that

I'm almost totally uninterested with the various Fused politics. It was interesting to see the dynamic between Leshwi and Raboniel but it ultimately amounted to very little. Why was so much time spent on the particularities of the tower occupation?


I felt very little tension here throughout the book. I knew he'd come through at the end because he always does. SO of the book was spent on him working through his depression but I don't feel like he actually made any breakthroughs. He was magically better after jumping off that tower to maybe commit suicide / maybe try to save his father.

Oh that's another thing I had an issue with, Kaladin's father seemed like a caricature of a person. A father who's willing to turn his own son (who he says he cares for) over to an occupying force for execution purely to make a point about his convictions and moral beliefs?? Yeah I'm not buying it, especially from someone who's entire job is to care for people.

I don't feel like there was a ton of growth/change for him in this book, he ends up almost exactly where he was at the end of the last book.

The bond between him and Syl has started to deepen and I wish there was more time spent with that.


I liked that Dalinar realized he needed to focus on Bondsmith stuff but it felt like it took a ton of book time to get there and consequently Dalinar was very 'inactive' the whole book.


For being such a forward thinking and intelligent character she really makes a lot of dumb mistakes in this one. After going on and on about the potential destructive power of antivoidlight and how she has been outsmarted by Raboniel at every turn she WRITES ALL THE INFORMATION DOWN IN A BOOK??? Come ON


Veil being absorbed came a little out of nowhere for me and I wish there had been more foreshadowing there.

I wish there had been any interaction at all between Shallan and Kaladin. I've always felt there was an interesting tension between the beliefs of the two of them. For being 2 core characters they barely interacted.


Really Moash survived?? Really??

I wish we had more time to learn about the Sibling and the tower. After spending most of the book with it occupied it feels like with a snap of the fingers everything was righted off screen. We never see Teft's funeral, or Lift finding her spren, etc

I'm worried that the next book is going to be 1500 pages and only cover the span of 10 days

Things I liked:

It was very satisfying to watch Navani come into her own after being so brutally crushed by Gavilar. All the scenes where she was experimenting were really fun to read and it felt like her becoming the second bondsmith was very earned. Really looking forward to see how her and the Sibling influence each other.

Everything to do with Mala, Adolin, and the honorspren trial. Though mostly predictable it was still very satisfying to read.

Really loved Adolin's arc for this book.

Teft, literally everything with Teft

Shallan and the 3 were very interesting to read and I really didn't see the twist coming of her having a second spren. Her starting to focus on the larger Cosmere has a lot of exciting implications.

I like how Dalinar and Jasnah are working together and both toppling stereotypes

The relationship between Jasnah and Wit is weird but compelling.

Everything to do with the Heralds and the bits of surgebinding lore we learned were very cool.

The twist at the end with Odium being usurped I didn't see coming at all but ultimately doesn't seem to have made a huge impact except Odium is a bit smarter now?

Raboniel was such a well developed character.

Very interested to delve more into the Cosmere implications and the beginning of the battle between shards/gods. It'll be so interesting to see how Sanderson starts to crossover his different novels.

Overall I feel like middle 1/2 the book could have been cut or severely trimmed.

The last 1/4 of the book was excellent and really felt like things were happening. There were so many interesting threads and ideas that ultimately didn't weave together well if only the first 3/4 didn't feel like just setup ...


Galavanar will lose the contest on some clever technicality and that will open up the series to explore the larger Cosmere


First added January 8th, 2021

4. Architects of the Future

A good lie, the delicious kind, hinted at hidden grandeur or further secrets.

12. A Way to Help

Nobody pushed him, though he wished that one of them would.

She was just curious, desirous to learn. If that was childlike, then everyone needed more of it.

14. Voice

If you forget why you are fighting, then victory itself becomes the goal.

16. An Unknown Song

she would hurt, but she would move forward

19. Garnets

A woman needs constant reminders. She needs to know that she has his heart, even when she cannot have his company.

I-1. Sylphrena

"He's different, isn't he?" Syl said. "Worse, because his own mind fights against him." "Different, yes," Dalinar said, leaning on the railing next to her. "But who is to say what is worse or better? We each have our own Voidbringers to slay, Brightness Sylphrena. No man can judge another man's heart or trials, for no man can truly know them."

23. Binding Wounds

Remember the peace you have felt ... Don't be sorry for yourself. Be excited for the new path forward you're making.

25. Devotary of Mercy

You need someone to talk to, ... when the darkness is strong. Someone to remind you the world hasn't always been this way; that it won't always be this way.

26. A Little Espionage

You're always willing to give others more charity than you extend yourself.

27. Banners

if a tool seemed broken at first glance, perhaps you were simply applying it to the wrong task.

33. Understanding

He was glad she thought that, wrong though she was. They were sympathetic, but they didn't understand.

34. A Flame Never Extinguished

I simply feel it's important to recognize that she might have had reasons. We all have reasons why we fail to live up to what we should be....

No one ever accomplished anything by being content with who they were,

We accomplish great things by reaching toward who we could become.

37. Silence from the Dead

bad assumptions are the last failing of many dead

45. A Bold Heart, A Keen and Crafty Mind

We need to remember the past, ... We need to remember what we passed through to get here. We need to take care not to forget ourselves.

Do not dismiss your own talents because you envy those of another.

50. Queen

One is never wrong to question

If you spend your life knocking people down, you eventually find they won't stand up for you.

55. Kinship With the Open Sky

We must not let our desires for a specific result cloud our perceptions.

If there is a god, then I think we could find him in the way we care about one another

57. Child of Odium

Sometimes when you go to a place you've never been, it can be wonderful ... because it lets you be someone else. No expectations.

Tags:: travel

63. Practice

If we can choose, we can change. If we can't change, then choice means nothing.

Tags:: change

When I'm at my worst, I feel like I can't change. Like I've never changed. That I've always felt this way, and always will.

I-7. Szeth

The best and truest duty of a person is to add to the world. To create, and not destroy.

Tags:: meaning

76. Harmony

She did want to know. As always, questions teased her. Questions were disorder awaiting organization. The more you understood, the more the world aligned. The more the chaos made sense, as all things should.

80. The Dog and the Dragon

You know better than I what your limits are," Wit said. "It's not such a terrible thing, to be too weak. Makes us need one another. I should never complain if someone recognizes their failings

87. Trial By Witness

Stupidity and ignorance are not the same thing,

91. Worth Saving

Most people want to be helpful, ... Even if they need a nudge now and then.

92. A Gift

Confusion can mean you have realized your weaknesses.

93. Strong Enough

Our weakness doesn't make us weak. Our weakness makes us strong. For we had to carry it all these years.

102. Highstorm Coming

a chaotic universe meant the only actions of actual importance were the ones they decided were important.

107. Uniting

the place between moments

114. Broken Gods

They needed to keep moving forward. And that involved deciding what he was going to do with himself, now that the crisis had ended.


115. Testament

If you aren't going to say much, then you might as well make what you do say mean something.