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Book/The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue



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First added January 8th, 2021

Chapter I

What is a person, if not the marks they leave behind?

Chapter III

The countryside rolls past around them, a jostling portrait of a world she already knows.

Chapter IV

the greatest danger in change is letting the new replace the old

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Chapter X

"Be gone," he says, the words half-pleading. Sadness sweeps across his face, but not the kind that comes with knowing. No, it is the sadness reserved for lost things, a storm-torn tree, a horse made lame, a carving split one stroke before it's done.

Chapter XIII

Déjà vu. Déjà su. Déjà vécu.

Note: Already seen. Already known. Already lived.

A fall woman indulging in a second spring.

Chapter II

she longs for the mornings, but she settles for the nights

She wants to hold the night like a chocolate on her tongue, savor every second before it melts.

"Who are you?" he asks. "I am the one who sees kindling and coaxes it to flame. The nurturer of all human potential."

Chapter V

There is a violence to this blind black void. It is birds' wings beating against her skin. It is the rush of the wind in her hair. It is a thousand whispering voices. It is fear, and falling, and it is a feral, wild feeling, and by the time she thinks to scream, the darkness has peeled away again, the night has re-formed, and Luc is once again beside her.

Chapter VII

sunlight and silk sheets.

Chapter IX

It is the last thing he says, before Luc unfolds. That is the only way to think of it. The black hair rises from his face, climbing through the air like weeds, and his skin ripples and splits, and what spills out is not a man. It is a monster. It is a god. It is the night itself, and something else, something she has never seen, something she cannot bear to look at. Something older than the dark. "Surrender."

Greatness requires sacrifice. Who you sacrifice to matters less than what you sacrifice for.

Chapter XIV

the collision of a girl and the dark

Belief is a bit like gravity. Enough people believe a thing, and it becomes as solid and real as the ground beneath your feet.