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Book/This Used to be About Dungeons

Full Title:: This Used to Be About Dungeons



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Tags:: book fantasy


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Chapter 10 - Second Breakfast

if you treat people like friends then friends is what they'll end up being

We find ourselves reflected in others, and reflect them into ourselves

A person has only one symmetry of his own, the left reflecting the right, which leaves asymmetry of the front and back that can only be rectified by the addition of others

Chapter 41 - Meddling

you’re treading water, and I’m afraid that you’ll end up drowned if you keep at it

Chapter 42 - Singing Slow

It was the curse of any professional that they heard and saw flaws that others didn’t.

Chapter 55 - Carving a Path to Dondrian

Sometimes minimalism just means hiding all the maximalism


Certain things in life are interesting,” said Harmon. “I believe it is our solemn duty to make them more interesting. Otherwise, it’s a waste.