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Book/Three Parts Dead

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Tags:: book fantasy


Chapter 2

"Fear can cloud the mind, but if one is on good terms with fear, as Tara was, it can also aid concentration"

Chapter::Chapter 2

Date Captured::April 29th, 2019

Chapter 3

"Her glyphs resembled spiderwebs laid by machine. Precise lines wove around her arm, spirals devouring spirals, hermetic diagrams inscribed with the script of half a dozen languages, most of them dead. A repeated symbol interrupted this pattern along the course of her radial artery: circle, nested within triangle, within circle, the mark of the Hidden Schools. The glyphs' light was strong enough to cast shadows"

Chapter::Chapter 3

Date Captured::May 12th, 2019

Chapter 4

"He sat behind the oak desk, clad in deep red robes and his own authority"

Chapter::Chapter 4

Date Captured::May 16th, 2019

“Gods, like men, can die. They just die harder, and smite the earth with their passing.”

Date Captured::March 1st, 2021

Chapter 5

"Stories always outlasted their usefulness"

Chapter::Chapter 5

Date Captured::May 17th, 2019

Chapter 7

"A gargoyle's howl is only in part a sound carried on air like other sounds. A gargoyle's howl, like a poet's, resounds from spirit to spirit within the walls of a city"

Chapter::Chapter 7

Date Captured::May 17th, 2019

Chapter 8

"watch the city, and they do not change it as much as it changes them"

Chapter::Chapter 8

Date Captured::May 23rd, 2019

Chapter 11

"Put not your trust in things, but in men. And women"

Chapter::Chapter 11

Date Captured::May 26th, 2019

Chapter 15

"A gang of cutpurses tried to mug her, but they were no trouble. Thieves in this city fled from a little fire and the barest hint of death"

Chapter::Chapter 15

Date Captured::May 26th, 2019