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Book/Two Serpents Rise

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Tags:: book fantasy


Chapter 6

"Fire built inside him, fed by words he didn't remember how to speak"

Chapter::Chapter 6

Date Captured::May 28th, 2019

Chapter 9

"Monkey-fear seized his gut"

Chapter::Chapter 9

Notes::That's exactly what it feels like

Date Captured::June 2nd, 2019

Chapter 16

"It's art. If you're looking at it, it's working."

Chapter::Chapter 16


Date Captured::June 2nd, 2019

Chapter 35

"The solid sea"

Chapter::Chapter 35

Date Captured::June 8th, 2019

Chapter 47

"Sanity was the gap between perception and desire"

Chapter::Chapter 47

Date Captured::June 8th, 2019