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December 14th, 2020


I binged @jackbutcher's Build Once, Sell Twice in one sitting.

I expected an online course about building and selling, but it's more than that. Course/Build Once, Sell Twice is a mindset; A playbook; an operating system for the 21st-century entrepreneur. Here's the TLDR:

Here's the operating system:

Start sharing ideas

Start sharing your ideas today. Brainstorm your unique combination of skills, interests, experiences, and perspectives.

Pick a single platform. Tweets, essays, images, blog posts, designs - it doesn't matter.

Start making noise. Then, listen for signal.

You will share your initial ideas into the void. That's good, you need time to improve them anyway, but as you make noise, some ideas will resonate - both with you and others.

Attract like-minded people

Over time, you'll find ideas that you enjoy sharing and that others enjoy; Double down on this signal.

Sharpen and tailor these ideas. Do it for a while. You will build a network of ideas and a network of people with which those ideas resonate.

Figure out their problems

Like-minded people have similar problems and luckily you've built up a network of like-minded people.

It's your job to analyze:

Who are these people?

What do they have in common?

Why do they appreciate your view?

Most importantly: what are their problems?

From there, you start to call attention to those problems. The ideas you share should put into words the problems these people face, but struggle to articulate. Get inside the conversation they're having in their own head.

Build products that solve their problems

With problems identified, it's your job to create products that solve them. The ideas you share should do two things:

Call attention to the problem

Share why your product is the solution.

Position your solution as providing:

Social value

Practical value

Monetary value

Psychological value

Remember: no one cares what your product does; they care about what it can do for them. Share the benefits and what they become.

Extract proof you've solved their problem

You only need one customer to start. If you solve their problem, they will rave about it. Iterate your product until extracting social proof is easy.

Once it's solving problems consistently, use testimonials and social proof to increase your credibility Use that credibility to increase your price. Then, repeat.

Document/share your process along the way (which becomes a product)

All the while, document your process. Bring people behind the scenes as you build. Build with authenticity and transparency. Distill your knowledge into learnings into process equity.

Turn the scraps of your build process - your sawdust - into an asset. This doubles your total market. You have people to sell your product to and you have people to sell your process to

At any point in your journey, you are somewhere in between these six steps: Execute accordingly.

I dive deeper into this operating system in this guest post

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