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in a Zoom call with a team, how do we know decisions are made already, or if they are just ideas thrown in the air?

I think this is, in part, a respect thing. You have to trust that your teammate has made a good decision and respect their autonomy even if you disagree.

I think that's on the presenter to signal

It's fine to entertain alternate options or to present alternate ways of approaching a problem but the 'best' way is often subjective so it will ultimately fall on the decision maker. When working with a group I often think about who 'owns' a decision. I can't do everything. Even if I believe that I would do the task better than the other group members I have to trust in my teammates.

I can present an alternate way of looking at something or inquire if they have considered a specific option but I can't micromanage their decisions.

On the flip side if the decision is significant enough then we will all have buy in

Where in the decision hierarchy does this fall?