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Grieving together


I lost my grandmother in the before times of 2020; before the world stopped. In many ways 2020 being like it was made dealing with my grief a little easier.

One of the most challenging parts of grief is the loneliness. Grieving takes a long time. There's no way to to know what that will look like for you until you find out.

People are nice and gentle around you at first but that fades long before the grief is gone. That's not meant as a slight against others they're just not going through it. Time moves faster for them in a way that it can't for you.

But in 2020 that was all different; we were all grieving. Grieving loved ones, a loss of normalcy, a loss of our own sense of possibility. We all went (are going through) that together. I didn't feel the need to hide my grief cause there was plenty to go around. I didn't feel the need to shield my mercurial feelings cause the last thing I wanted was to be more isolated.