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How can I use Signposting in my post-academic life?

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Signposting techniques for everyday life

Somehow mark the difference between before and after marriage

I have heard from multiple people that the time right after marriage is a little strange

My gut says change your physical space somehow. Have furniture re-arranged, walls repainted, etc

Signposting for Working from Home

One way to help disperse the monotony of WFH life is to separate your day into location chunks.

Here's a typical breakdown of my WFH days ( I mix up the order occasionally to keep life spicy)

Early Morning Roll out of bed, eat, work outside while the temp is low

Morning Exercise then shower

Early Afternoon Eat lunch then work at kitchen table

Afternoon Quick walk somewhere or other activity Work in living room next to large window to get some more sun

Evening Work at my desk or hang out on couch. Make dinner

Where does time feel different / strange?