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January 14th, 2021



Definition::n.Ā the feeling that no matter what you do is always somehow wrongā€”as if thereā€™s some obvious way forward that everybody else can see but you, each of them leaning back in their chair and calling out helpfully, ā€œcolder, colder, colderā€¦ā€ The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows


Definition::v. intr.Ā feeling the tranquil pleasure of being near a gathering but not quite in itā€”hovering on the perimeter of a campfire, chatting outside a party while others dance inside, resting your head in the backseat of a car listening to your friends chatting up frontā€”feeling blissfully invisible yet still fully included, safe in the knowledge that everyone is together and everyone is okay, with all the thrill of being there without the burden of having to be. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

ideas for App/TikTok that don't suck

Getting off of a bad interview (not bad because of you)

Shot of hanging up zoom, smile to exasperation

Stare into the mirror

Close up of shower with you wearing a suit and swimming goggles

Word a day using my list of new words and Definitions

The idea of the female gaze as fundamentally different from the male gaze is fascinating in part because there is so little consensus about what it actually is.

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