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January 3rd, 2021

> "listening is an act of love"

Count the number of blocks in my graph with datalog

How are Zen Koans related to stoicism and daily meditations ? questions

Photo in the middle of the chaos of cooking, maybe while using a wok with food in the air?

Photo of me reading at night in a big sweater with tea on the couch

groovin' to some sweet tunes like Person/Hank Mobley's This I Dig Of You. This could be a mirror shot or video where you only seem my lower half grooving past the mirror

Something related to humor or laughing, this one will be difficult to get on my own.

Photo with a reaching out motion, similar to this one

Photo with cross eyes

Photo outside in some fashion

Photo of me creating something surrounded by a mess. This could also be a shot while using the lathe

find some sweet holiday attire on the cheap