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July 13th, 2020

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As a polymath what kinds of blogs are there out there and how can I have sections of my Digital Garden devoted to similar ideas

Technical Blog

follows some technical topic and gives insights

coding, engineering, etc

Thought Blog

Food Blog

recipes, tips, & tricks

 important elements


Good recipes

Travel Blog

interesting finds

how to travel

Media Review Blog


Movies & Shows


New Finds Blog


Essential Apps

DIY Blog


DIY mentality

Ways to follow or traverse the newsletter nodes

follow a hashtag

follow a page

follow a topic

how is this different than a hashtag?

is a topic a group of hashtags? is that imposing structure on a specifically unstructured system?

How can I create an Roaman interface layer using the API?

Use roam as the back end?

Services I can connect to that would enrich my Roam Database

5 Star Recipes

Recently Made Recipes

New Recipes


Recently read

most listened

recently watched

5 star recent


Recent YouTube 👍


Recently Read


Recently Favorited



Recently Saved


recently liked

It would be interesting to see a weekly review, say Sunday evening, of everything I deemed interesting that week. This would be trivial if I used the App/Human Programming Interface 🧑👽🤖

{{TODO}} Investigate a proper NAS backup solution

Purchase a large HD (14TB), backup locally, then move the HD to Langhorne to continuously make backups offsite.

{{TODO}} Replace & upgrade small 1TB HD in NAS

Need to move data off of volume1

What needs to be backed up on my NAS

all docker containers

all regular data

Resilio Sync prefs


OS info

task scheduler tasks

Download Station Info

installed package list

network preferences

Synology OS data exists on all drives so I should be OK in that regard

What happens in your head when you do 27 + 48?

What do you believe to be true that you are most likely to be wrong about?

How do you choose to suffer?