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July 24th, 2020

COVID19 letter to friends

Hey before I commit to Saturday I wanted to check everyone’s comfort level

I just got back from a week in PA with my parent and brother from Colorado. 70% of the time it was just us 4 but we did spend time with other family from other parts of PA who haven't been taking COVID19 as seriously. Even though the 4 of us wore masks obviously there is still a higher level of risk

Would people feel more comfortable if I waited a bit to hang out in person?

I'm ok with keeping my distance for 14 days in an abundance of caution and I completely understand anyone is uncomfortable with in-person hanging out

feel completely fine and have 0 symptoms and no one I was with had any either (my parents have been very cautious).

PA isn’t on New York’s list of restricted states but I

Readwise API feedback

inline notes don't seem to function

highlights from books that already exist in readwise do not come in under the existing book. They come in under a new book with the same title

What cleanup would I need to do to take sanitize my Roam Research database export?

Create a allow-list and block-list of tags

all children under block-list tags are omitted

Should daily notes be omitted?