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July 4th, 2020

How do I see myself? How have I seen myself? What are my personal identities?

Current Identity Included


problem solver

metacognitive thinker (eww that's pretentious) thinking about thinking

New Yorker


empathetic listener

DIY? Willing to put in labor to do a task instead of hiring someone

have a bad memory

Transition Identities

improviser / funny person

Previous Identity iterations

allergic to peanuts

saxophone player


rock climber

Harry Potter fan

soccer player

RPI/Neshaminy Student

I dislike the term 'failed relationship'; it doesn't cover how the relationship changed you, how you grew from it, only that it ended. It sets up a binary understanding of relationships with the 'goal' being longevity. Either you fail or you stay together forever.

In broad terms the understanding of relationships seems to be shifting. People are getting married later in life, having fewer sexual partners, and divorcing far less. I have a hunch that the number of children of divorce has impacted this as well.

Interestingly It's been reported that nationally the number of births decreased in 2020. At the beginning of COVID19 it was thought that all the time at home with your S.O. would lead to an increased birth rate similar to natural disasters or large events. In actuality, for many that much time with their S.O. turned into an S.O.S.

People have a bad habit of bounding our empathy by our experiences

⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️ I'm just a person trying to figure things out; thinking and learning with the garage door up. As such the thoughts here should be viewed as incomplete, inelegant and extremely malleable. Take a look at all of the things I am curious about here.

I saw someone classifying loyalty the other day in a way that I thought was very interesting. They argue that loyalty is best understood as a spectrum.

(Least) Employer - location - home/community - friends - family (Most)

The most friction occurs between people who classify something at a different loyalty level. (ie saying you are disloyal to a city if you leave). In this scenario the city for Person A is a location loyalty while for Person B it is at home/community.