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July 8th, 2020

LEED Exam Prep - Day 1

Today's topics:

Introduction to green buildings and communities

Sustainable thinking

Becoming a LEED Green Associate

The test process

{{TODO}} Watch the following quick videos:

{{TODO}} What is LEED? LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification program for buildings and communities that guides their design, construction, operations and maintenance toward sustainability.

{{TODO}} What is a LEED Green Associate? The LEED Green Associate credential verifies that an individual knows, understands, and can apply basic green building and sustainability principles to practice. There are LEED Green Associates all over the world.

{{TODO}} Read the following items, while taking notes and highlighting any new vocabulary words or concepts on flashcards:

{{TODO}} LEED Green Associate Candidate Handbook (18 pages). Read about the test format, what you can expect on the day of the test, and other important information to help guide your studies.

{{TODO}} Sections 1 and 2 of the LEED Core Concepts Guide (30 pages)

{{TODO}} Chapters 1 and 2 of the LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation Guide (26 pages), including the Key Terms and Definitions at the end of each chapter


Prepare for the LEED Green Associate Exam

How is my [identity][What are my personal identities?]]() tied to my curiosity ?

How do I determine what constitutes an identity? questions answered

An identity is something that, when challenged or dismissed, you become passionate or defensive around.


If an atheist questions God and you react viscerally you probably identify as Religious

Is this the same with non-confrontational people?

Yes but their true reaction is delayed or only shown to trusted confidents

I don't really like the term 'foodie'. To me it implies a certain level of snottiness, of distain for others

I need to wait until I receive actual confirmation from the IRS before moving forward with obtaining any

There seems to be some kind of intangible connection between Visual Delight and awe. I have started to see Visual Delight as a tiny concentrated burst of awe.