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June 26th, 2020

{{DONE}} update vanguard address

Places I Check Regularly

ttrss - new releases - new releases

twitter - new roam tips and interesting intellectual thoughts

YouTube - short distractions

Discord - interesting PKM conversations

Slack - interesting Roam conversations


reddit - mid length distraction for interesting non-politicized new content


1) You should be able to record a task anywhere

2) You regularly drain tasks from this list

3) You regularly delegate, refactor, or delete tasks which you can’t prioritize

if ideas are constantly being evaluated this can help me stop thinking about them all the time. Unrealized Ideas and unfinished tasks buzz around my brain like gnats, slowly sapping away excess energy.

This is very similar to how a dirty pile in my room slowly makes you feel claustrophobic or unable to concentrate. Unfinished and unrealized dreams eat away at mental bandwidth and contribute to a poorer mental health.

Things that could tangentially be related to this:

messy & unorganized desktop

messy standing desk

clothes on the floor

piles of unopened mail