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June 29th, 2020

{{DONE}} is there a better way to take timestamped youtube notes in Roam? answered

Are chickens larger today in the US than before?


Why do I get up later?

Maybe I stop getting up in the mornings because time doesn't seem to matter.

time is always now

Accountability, for me, is key. I can convince myself of anything.

Is this true? Do I really have a mutability of priority?

...negotiable morality

What is the difference between a mindset and an opinion?

How do I differentiate between a tweet to save and tweet to save ?

(ie be collected and resurfaced as a highlight by The Annotation or Awareness Department )


There's a difference between asigning blame and addressing what happened

{{TODO}} 3D print a clip for keeping my grilling tongs together 3D Printer

idea polyphony

cultural appropriation is such a weird idea to me. where does where is the line between utilizing a piece of culture and mocking it?

{{DONE}} a better basket or container for onions and potatoes stuff I want

moss around the edge of the windows stuff I want

{{DONE}} More plants in the apartment stuff I want

{{DONE}} olive oil spritzer for cooking stuff I want