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March 20th, 2021

multiplayer notifications

exploring manhattan

The Vex aesthetic

any conversation about positive art has to include a conversation about sex. Art comes from strong emotions and quite often we associate it with strong negative emotions but this doesn't have to be the case. Pornography can be base and exploitative but it can also be beautiful and evocative.

The intent behind the act defines the act.

tab to get out of markdown formatting, similar to tab to get out of [[ ]]

toggle markdown formatting on/off similar to todo toggling

be able to query for {{or: }} by not having every option in the text. When editing every option should be visible (?) but otherwise the options should be saved in block properties

small tweaks to graph view visualization

Re: cultural upbringing, family history: 'What is mine to carry?'

Re: seeking for meaning & therapy: 'What is a top-down, zoomed out approach to therapy/creating coherence in our personal narrative?'

Re: on relationships & new boundaries in pandemic: 'What even is a friend?!'

Re: on giving support: 'How can I be a catalyst for others?'

Re: on shiny toys: 'Do I have sufficient wideness (as opposed to deepness) in my curiosity right now?'

'What is a rich intellectual life?'

foraging vs grazing