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March 25th, 2021

ideas for notifications from Person/Bardia Pourvakil

ideally wants it in roam/render so he can move the notification block anywhere

could also parse inputs for multiple pages and blocks to watch via tabs

it would be very helpful in my decision making process to know the salary range

one more questions, meant to bring it up in the interview what is the salary range for this position?

Basic JS overview

When the notification icon is clicked the menu populates with all mentions. I originally made it this way so you could always see new unread notifications when they come in but I can see the usefulness of a roam/render version

Problems I haven't solved yet

How to discern if a block of yours has been ref'd and not yet seen by you.

:seen-by hold the db id of the users that have seen a block so I'd need to get the db id of the current user programmatically

Stian Håklev:

Note that edit/seen is only updated when you look at a block in the context of a linked reference - not when you just see the block by itself.

Getting notifications for multiple block

Super do-able just hadn't considered until you mentioned it

Will have to think through visually how I discern the difference, probably take a cue from the native roam search bar and highlight the context

Block refs /md styling is ignored

not really a priority but annoying in the long run

Identical pull watches can be made

if a pull watch exists an identical one can be made (down to the same function being called) and the pull watch will identically fire multiple times

External notifications

Was able to hack together a (very insecure) notification system to get mention notifications on my phone. Workable but would not recommend. Also not really a priority for this