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New Blogpost Checklist

{{TODO}} What is the main question?

{{TODO}} Why does the topic matter?

{{TODO}} What are the constraints of the post? (Words, format)

{{TODO}} Brain dump of what you know about the topic.

{{TODO}} List pages/tags to check out.

{{TODO}} Collect useful related blocks.

{{TODO}} Group blocks under headings.

{{TODO}} Write a shitty first draft.

{{TODO}} Collect icons for featured image.

{{TODO}} Create first draft of featured image.

{{TODO}} Write second draft/revise first draft.

{{TODO}} Create second draft of featured image.

{{TODO}} Proofread draft.

{{TODO}} Put draft through Grammarly.

{{TODO}} Add links to draft.

{{TODO}} Add Front Matter template.

{{TODO}} Write description.

{{TODO}} Add featured image.

{{TODO}} Publish article.

{{TODO}} Test Twitter card in validator.

{{TODO}} Draft Tweetstorm about post.

{{TODO}} Check Tweetstorm in Grammarly.

{{TODO}} Post Tweetstorm to private Twitter account for check.

{{TODO}} Post Tweetstorm to main Twitter acount.

New Topic Checklist

{{embed: ((_x_QF-0LR))}}

Weekly Goals

Big Three

Daily Goals:

Monday, Monday

Tuesday, Tuesday

Wednesday, Wednesday

Thursday, Thursday

Friday, Friday

Saturday, Saturday

Sunday, Sunday

Last week:


{{DONE}} Add meetings from last week to contacts and events

{{DONE}} Add running/workouts and carpool to coming week

{{DONE}} Make sure all TODO items from last week were either closed or moved

{{DONE}} Make sure there are no recurring items that somehow got marked as DONE

{{DONE}} Make sure that people I met or talked to last week are Ankified

Biggest wins:

How far did you get on last week's big 3?

What worked? What didn't?

What will you keep, improve, start, or stop based on the above?

Discipline Decade

Quarterly Preview

My biggest wins

Process on annual goals for this quarter (% successful)

Overall, what worked and what didn't?

What will you keep doing?

What will you start doing?

What will you improve?

What will you stop doing?

Daily Page

Weekly Agenda (created on a different day, and embedded with /Block Reference)

{{DONE}} Review your inbox items

{{Review Inbox:42SmartBlock:Review Inbox}}

Overdue tasks

{{Overdue Tasks:42SmartBlock:Overdue Query}}

Morning Questions

What's one thing top of mind today?

What's the one thing I need to get done today to make progress?

Review values


{{DONE}} Morning walk goal-health habit

{{DONE}} Check calendar for scheduled events

{{DONE}} Morning focus hour

{{DONE}} Read 30 minutes goals learning habit

{{DONE}} Review

{{DONE}} 10 minutes meditation goal-health habit

{{DONE}} Workout or run goal-health habit

{{DONE}} Evening focus hour

{{DONE}} Do 7 - 30 - 90 review

{{DONE}} read for pleasure, watch something, go for a walk

Evening Questions

List three things I'm grateful for habit gratitude

What made me happy today?

What made me sad?

Where there any signs of my day going to shit that I could recognize?

What prevented me from reaching my goals today?

What am I looking forward to?