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November 16th, 2020

Found me through linkedin and my website

The Pitch

Architecture firm in dumbo remote for now

30 people

run by 2 women

institutional and school and res work and some development project

bunch of new projects in the pipeline but have a good CD team

Looking for someone to do concept design and renderings in SD

Salary could be closer to upper 60s

My Opinion

I'm fucking sold

The way the use space is experientially evocative

The Pitch

based in Williamsburg

looking for arch project management

does typically smaller res scale

flipping house residential and facelifts

My Opinion

While I am interested in project management Company/CHANGO & CO seem to be looking for someone with considerable project management experience and I do not have such experience.

If they were willing to train me I am certainly a fast learner but right now those skills are beyond my experience.