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October 13th, 2021


#[Twitter thread] by Oskar Stålberg: More video game talk prep. Gonna have another go at persuading people to cut their tiles along the dual grid instead of the main grid. I genuinely don't understand if this is rare because people don't know about it or if there is some drawback I'm not seeing.

Tiles .rm-grid

Most gameplay logic (like collision and navigation) should still happen on the main grid. And all object-like sprites, like characters, houses, etc, should also go on the main grid.

.rm-grid The 3 fundamental features of any tile based system are Houses, Rivers and Roads.

Again. You should definitely keep both concepts around in your code. Most gameplay will still happen on the main grid. The dual grid is mostly for field-like background tilesets

Correction: The 4 fundamental features are Fields, Houses Rivers and Roads. I forgot Fields, which is ironic since that's what the rest of the thread is about. Terrain is a type of Field.

> shower thought: people-pleasing is a symptom of feeling that you do not belong anywhere — Vathy 🦐 (@fvathynevgl) September 6, 2021

> hey #PortfolioDay i'm ali, an artist from turkey - working on my project Rytma, set on an island inspired by mediterranean environments. hope to share more work about this soon! — ali eser (@ali3ser) October 12th, 2021 {{=: .rm-grid |D&D}}