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October 1st, 2020

What are the plants along the Highline?

the difference between violence and sensation is intent sexuality

Video/Show/The 100 was always about power structures, societal organization, how power can shift and change, be used abused and manipulated, how power can change you and how just the perception of power and authority can be enough.

It never shied away from unpopular decisions and let its characters sit with the consequences of those choices. The characters were allowed to make plans have things go wrong and have to change them, to suggest ideas and have them shut down, and to explore the shifting nature of how enemies can become allies when goals line.

If anything I'd say that the finale didn't stick to those uncomfortable decisions enough

We come to rely on the structures of our own society but they exist because we collectively decide to obey them. We decide that adherence is better and chaos. The 100 explore just how flailing the birth of societies can be.

Tribalism, war and violence can be seemingly the most straightforward easiest solution to a problem if the situation appears dire enough.

The ins and outs of faith was also something the show played with and explored. How faith can drive you to madness, to terrible decisions, but can also be a force for unity and collective strength. How faith can be manipulated and how it can be used as another way to manipulate power

It explored just how fallible those with power can be

Choices made with imperfect information have real consequences

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