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October 20th, 2020


Went down a rabbit hole looking for cross-industry innovations (AKA one industry borrowing from another) #[Twitter thread]

1/ James Dyson created the Dyson vacuum design after seeing how sawmills use cyclone force to eject sawdust.

2/ The OG example: Henry Ford's car assembly line borrowed innovations from 3 industries:

Watch (interchangeable parts) Canning (continuous flow manufacturing) Meatpacking (Ford reversed the "disassembly" part of the meatpacking process - AKA chopping up cows)


3/ Baby incubator

In late 1800s, French doctor Etienne Tarnier was looking for a solution to save babies born prematurely.

On a visit to the Paris zoo, he saw poultry incubators and borrowed that innovation to make a baby incubator.


4/ Soda bottling plants

The rotary milking parlour was invented in the 1930s. It was the most efficient way to milk cows. Soda bottling plants have a similar set up (*I'm not actually sure the direction of the borrowing here...feel free to @ me).


5/ 3M created a product that prevents post-surgery facial infections by consulting theatrical make-up artists.

6/ An escalator company borrowed techniques from the mining industry to install escalators in shopping malls.


7/ BMW created its iDrive system -- a way to safely manage your control panel (e.g., keep your eyes on the road) -- by borrowing from video game controllers.


8/ Owen Maclaren created the first foldable baby stroller (AKA lightweight baby buggy or pram) by borrowing the design of an airplane's landing gear. As a former aeronautical engineer, he understood the mechanics of lightweight, collapsible structures.


9/ A hospital in the Netherlands (Amphia) improved operations and patient service by borrowing the airport control tower concept. Specifically, Amphia has its own Hospital Control Center to route medical procedures.

10/ This thread was inspired by the viral tweet from @emollick, detailing how an F1 race team helped a children's hospital re-work its post-surgery handoff procedure:

11/ Another good "Borrowed Innovation" After WWI, Kotex created disposable female sanitary napkins based on surgical field dressings used in battle. (There was a post-war abundance of cellucotton, absorbent fibrous material created to make up for cotton shortfalls during WWI).



Become curious explorers of the people around you

High Quality questions

What’s something that you were totally obsessed with as a kid?

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

What are you passionate about right now?

What’s a story about your childhood that you’ve never told me?

What did your grandparents teach you?

What do most people assume about you that isn’t true?

"If none of these feel right, ask yourself, “What do I wish someone would ask me?” Then use that!"

Whenever you feel yourself closing off to others reach out to ten people and share why you appreciate them. favorite mental health

doing this can break the internally focused pattern (stressful and contracted) and turn it into a generous mindset (expansive and loving)

Create what you crave

Chances are if you’re longing for something, other people are, too.


If you’re somebody like me who struggles with occasional procrastination, a great tip from Person/Nadia Addesi, a psychotherapist ✊

procrastination isn't about time management it's about negative emotion management

Maybe doing the thing is difficult and makes us feel dumb or the material is overwhelming so instead, we're avoiding emotions of sadness, confusion, frustration, etc.

How can we tackle this? One way is to ask ourselves

Then we can try to regulate that emotion & find other ways to complete the task without causing that emotion to happen

What emotion am I avoiding and why?


"Your worth (should) never (be) questioned, you're there with your values"

Context:: Company/Interintellect salon training video

I wonder what the interconnected web will look like after Roam Research opens up its multiplayer. Could you search across public blocks of the interroam like a twitter search? How do you visualize the interroam? In 3d?