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October 31st, 2021

I wonder if perhaps the greatest pain isn't ambivalence but in being misunderstood. When another is so strong in their incorrect incorrect conviction it's infinitely frustrating to not be able to set the record straight. To know that the well of the world is being poisoned against you and the more you try and stop it the worse it will be

Intro to Roam November 2nd, 2021

Written up by ya cuz, Matt Vogel

Roam as a tool has a low floor and a high ceiling and becomes more useful the more content you add to it

There is no official on-boarding for roam, it's very much an "explore to find" paradigm. This can quickly lead to being overwhelmed and the idea that one must use every

Roaman Concepts


Every note, essay, paper, etc are siloed. Even if they reference common information it is very difficult to create a connection between them. This is even true within a single document

In Roam Instead of a document being a unit of measure the "Block" (bullet) is the atomic unit.

Roam is an associative outliner

Blocks nested underneath are associated with the block above but not with the blocks at the same level

The importance of Expand/Collapse

Focus on a single block tree for clarity

Pages and Tags

Memory is associative in many different ways

If you write on the daily notes page indented under a page tag your writing will show up referenced to that page. Looking through references you can begin to see a "spine" of your notes

In Roam relationships cascade downwards

If you want a section of information

Try to Avoid tagging the same thing multiple times within one 'tree' unless you specifically want to associate a block

there is no functional difference between test and test. They both associate the page/tag with the blocks below

Attributes are slightly different. They associate a attribute (can be a page name) and associated values with the block directly above



height:: 4.5m - 6m





height::90 - 130 cm





References (

Linked and Unlinked


Very useful information

A separate place where I want to reference that

You can also create an alias to that useful block *

Linked and Unlinked

Lecture Series 1 was very interesting


Embedding a block (accessed from the

) basically creates a 2 way portal to see and edit the contents of a block that is stored elsewhere

Also see {{embed:



Templates [[roam/templates]]

roam/ namespaces are special and are reserved for customizations to your graph


Word options/version

{{or: option 1 | option 2}}

{{or: Option 1|OPTION 2}}

Block Versions/Options


Slash Menu

Block Search

Searching across the adjacent graph blocks using (( ))

Graph Search


This can be clunky so there is an extension to make it dead simple

DO SCIENCE with Attribute Tables

{{attr-table:[[Lectures in Series]]}}


{{attr-table:Lectures in Series}}


Filtering is extremely powerful once you start to build up many pages. By seeing a quick overview of referenced pages you can quickly filter out unwanted or unneeded information. Works for both pages and zoomed in blocks!

Help Menu



Page options (right click on page name)


The Roam team is small but they're dedicated to making this as accessible as they can. They have a scholarship program set up to decrease the months price, even to $0 if you ask, and they are very liberal with awarding it. Anyone can apply, there are no requirements beyond need. I applied when I was unemployed and they gave me a significant discount for a full year. If you're interested you can apply here

Roam is particularly helpful with creating a zettelkasten