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pillars of friendship

Status:: budding

I'm not sure about this title review

friendship types?

too broad

{{or: friendship relationship styles | friendship types | pillars of friendship | friendship relatability}}

friendship connection style

want to be talking about how

I've said this before and I'll say it again, the formula for making friends is not complicated. Actually doing it is complicated.

when people say "I just don't know how to make friends" or that "people never want to stay friends" very often they're trying to skip one of those steps. What they're actually saying is "people don't want to be friends on my terms and on my timetable" or "I can't find people to be entertaining while I don't put in as much effort"

Spontaneous Desire: Comes out of nowhere, needs no prompting. This is like when you randomly go "Oh man I miss XYZ we should hand out." There's nothing that caused you to think that you just did

Responsive Desire: You are interested when others show interest but it never occurs to you if unprompted. This is the type of friend who is always down to hang out but never initiates.

Contextual Desire: As it sounds it's based on context, your internal circumstances and environmental circumstances. You go visit your parents and there's an old friend who you all of a sudden you want to hang out with