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Roam Style Guide

Status:: evergreen

A direct quote from someone else is always in quotes with an inline quote tag

Where do I use tags and where do I use pages?

Writing goes under pages and tags are used to collect topics. No or very little writing is done on a tag page.

metadata & attributes

metadata is Capitalized


metadata is directly at the top of a page not indented under any blocks

tags are lowercase


Page Names are questions, titles (proper nouns)

If I feel the question is sufficiently answered I may change the page name to a statement

Should Roam adhere to a personal style guide?

Roam should adhere to a personal style guide

For media types (books, articles, videos, quotes)

Always use standard metadata templates and remove unused attributes as necessary

Quote metadata

Author & book title are to use namespace page references. This allows for custom formatting as well as more granular queries and searches



One-off quotes and ideas use inline metadata to keep the writing process fluid while preserving the idea source. These are often converted to pages on a second edit pass

Use Keyword queries to find related phrases

datalog Query

Show all blocks that contain a word or phrase (partially working)

:q [:find ?s ?r
      [?e :block/string ?s]
      [(re-matches #"(?i)\b.*(queries).*" ?s)]
      [?e :block/uid ?r]      

For ideas about how to navigate a roam multiplayer graph take a look at the [[Style guide from Roam Book Club v1]]