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September 22nd, 2020


Thread time. I finished @jackbutcher's course "Course/Build Once, Sell Twice" in a few days. I binged it like a season of Ozark. After taking a week to digest the principles, here are my key takeaways. 👇🏼

1/ Nobody cares what you can do, everybody cares what you can do for them. Once you accept this, it keeps you accountable to show up everyday. It's not about good intentions. It's not about your skills. It's about what your skills can do and proving it helps others.

2/ Find your "Unique Authenticity" @naval calls it "specific knowledge." @david_perell calls it "personal monopoly." It's the story of all the experiences and lessons you've learned. Understanding and accepting your story is the first step to finding your unique authenticity.

3/ Start, Iterate, Repeat Your unique authenticity won't come in a moment of eureka. It's a series of experiments that you continually improve on again and again. Don't wait till it's all figured out to start. Iterate in public. Share the journey.

4/ Transparency is Marketing The more transparent you are in your marketing, the less pretending you have to do when you're working. Start from the beginning and people will follow along. How do you know what to share? What's obvious to you isn't obvious to other people.

5/ Speak in Problems, Solve in Products

You can only solve the problems you can articulate.

Once you articulate the problem, position yourself and your unique authenticity as the answer.

The answer comes in three forms: service, process, or product.

6/ Service is how you learn to help people.

Service is freelancing, work for hire, the job that's not 9-5.

It's where you hone your skills, and create proof of work.

It's also how you learn to articulate the problem well.

7/ Process is the transition from service to product.

Once you've articulated the problem well, you can create a process to solve it.

Process involves systems. Systems make things efficient and predictable.

You're creating a specific answer to a specific problem.

8/ Product is process without service.

Once you've optimized the process to run on its own, and created enough demand, you can scale your answer through a product.

This is what "passive income" means. This is "money while you sleep".

9/ It takes time, more time than you think.

This has been the BIGGEST takeaway.

You need to show up and put in the work until your effects compound.The reality, however, is that many give up before they reach the threshold where compounding kicks in meaningfully.

10/ Be impatient with action but patient with results.

No amount of courses, secrets, or apps will make compounding go faster. It's the work you can't avoid.

@visualizevalue posted everyday for 18 months.

This is where you show up and do the work.

No shortcuts.

11/ Follow your passion.

Second biggest takeaway: you can't do this with something you aren't passionate about.

Only way to be patient is to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. The path is too winding and lonely for it to be done out of duty.

12/ You don't have to do this alone.

Find a community, find like minded people who are on the same journey as you are.

I found this in @visualizevalue community, I found this through my business coach, and I want to be there for my clients.

@manupriyamsinha @jackbutcher So build once: create the process and systems for the value you provide.

Sell twice: use personal branding and leverage the internet to sell it to multiple people.