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September 5th, 2020

What should I do today?

Things to do in Brooklyn / NYC during COVID19 (inspired from this NYTimes article) as well as a few reddit threads

{{{TODO}}} Bike around Governor's Island

Time Commitment:: 4-5 hours

{{TODO}} Hike the Bronx River Greenway

"The Bronx River Greenway is an 8-mile trail starting at 241st Street (last stop on the 5) which goes to Bronx River Forest or to the East River."

{{DONE}} Explore the Giraffe Path in Manhattan

"The Giraffe Path in Manhattan is a 6-mile trail (off the B/C at 110th) going from Central Park to the Cloisters."

{{DONE}} Bike the Brooklyn-Queens Greenway

"The Brooklyn-Queens Greenway has a 10-mile section between Highland Park to Forest Park (off the J at Cleveland)."

{{TODO}} Pier 2 in the Brooklyn Bridge Park has outdoor ping pong tables and the roller skating rink

{{TODO}} Climb at The Cliffs in Dumbo

{{TODO}} What is the Hester Street Fair

{{TODO}} Check out events at the Greenpoint Terminal Market

{{{TODO}}} Visit The Met

{{TODO}} Visit The Met Cloisters

{{TODO}} Visit the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn/the Bronx

{{TODO}} Visit the giant World's Fair globe at Corona Park in Queens

{{TODO}} Check out Riis Beach and the Rockaways at sunset

{{TODO}} The staten island ferry is free (if you really want to go to SI)

{{TODO}} Make reservations for the Empire State Building

{{DONE}} Walk across the brooklyn bridge

{{TODO}} Do a morning bike up to Williamsburg (work on endurance)

{{TODO}} go to xian famous foods for some spicy lamb noodles

{{TODO}} Explore the floodplains of the Bronx river forest

{{TODO}} Travel to Cold Spring in Hudson River

{{TODO}} Travel to Beacon, NY

"beacon, ny is another popular getaway (near cold spring). both have hiking trails within walking distance, depending on where you are in town."

Can take Metro-North on the Hudson line

{{TODO}} Visit Little Island on the LES

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