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Video/Raw Sexuality: No Filter with Caveh Zahedi

Summary:: Raw Sexuality - a new sense-making series with @maybegray - will kick off with a Q and A with the director of I Am a Sex Addict, Person/Caveh Zahedi. Come get real with us about radical honesty, sexuality, taboos, and finding love in times of meta-crisis.


“when I was in clown school there was an exercise we did where one of the partners would put out a finger and then you would connect the fingers and one of the partners would agree to close their eyes and be led around in a room full of other clowns just by the fingertip of the clown that had their eyes open and there was such a magical intimacy in trusting each other that way whether you were leading somebody or you were the follower there was such a surrender and such a giving up of other sensory input you you had to focus so much on that one little point of connection and I think that that relates to the way that the Zoom call creates constraints that can actually hack into the maseeh rather than hinder it I think that that's a really exciting way to look at it"



"try to find the bliss that's available within the constraints of [whenever] now we are inherently trapped in"


"we find a way [ in monogamy ] that is the least vulnerable and that becomes the path of least resistance but ... also the least sexy"


"I think I think we fall in love with vulnerableness... it's people's vulnerability that we love in them it's not their ... accomplishments or their strengths really and even in a movie the scenes that you love are the scenes where something was broken or something was opened that you know your own heart could pour into."


"It's not as important to tithe as it is to Give in the direction of your gratitude "

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