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Video/Show/The Magicians

Full Title:: The Magicians




Season 1

I'm not judging you. I started out like you. You have a good life. Boyfriend. Probably think he keeps you centered right? ... Or, you know, you're keeping him around in case you fail here and need to fall back. All I know... you have to mean it for magic to work. Something clicks when you're all-in, and the real big stuff, you can't do it till you're doing it without a net.

Episode::S01E03 - Have You Brought Me Little Cakes

Timestamp:: 00:17:10

"If the world goes after you, take it as a compliment."

Episode:: S01E09, 'The Writers Room'

Timestamp:: 30:00

"When you stop thinking about forever there's plenty of shit that can get you through the next hour."

Episode:: S01E12, "Thirty-Nine Graves"

Timestamp:: 10:00

"In a garden, you pull everything up. Sometimes a stray vine just keeps coming back. It volunteers. That's really why you, Quentin, you just keep coming."

Episode:: S01E13

Timestamp:: 11:00

"The reason you treat magic like a drug, is because the people that taught it to you act like drug dealers. They buy it and they sell it, and they fight and they fuck for it. Well, that's not the only way to live."

Episode:: S01E08 - The Strangled Heart


Season 5

If I wait for you to tell me to be the hero, then I'm just buying into your bullshit. In real life you don't get chosen. You choose your quest. And I'm choosing mine.

Episode:: S05E01

Timestamp:: 00:37:00