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Video/Show/The OA

Full Title:: The OA



Tags:: video Show


Season 1

"The biggest mistake I made was believing that if I cast a beautiful net, I’d catch only beautiful things."

"Captivity Is A Mentality. It’s A Thing You Carry With You."

Season 2

"It's a puzzle. A game is one side against another. There's a winner. And a loser. Puzzles don't have losers. [Well you lose if you don't solve it.] No you're stuck if you don't solve it The designer wants the player to figure it out. It's not a war. It's a mystery."

Type:: video Show



"Ultimately, a puzzle is a conversation between the player and the maker. The puzzle maker is teaching you a new language. How to escape the limits of your own thinking and see things you didn't know were there. [Sounds like God] Except it real."

Type:: video Show



"It’s our inability to conceive of things that holds us back"

"To Exist Is To Survive Unfair Choices."

"No tree survives alone in the forest. When one tree falls ill, we all send food. For if one tree dies, the canopy is broken. Then all suffer the weather and pestilence that flood in."

"I got to see another version of my life here. One in which I was given everything. Money, fulfillment of dreams, my father who loved me. As Prairie I had none of these things. My life was one hardship after another. And then I met you. Nina saw the whole world." [Looks up at Hap]  "But I saw underneath it. I was pressed down like coal. I suffered. That's what an angel is... Dust. Pressed into a diamond by the weight of this world. You crushed me before I had the chance to become anything. You crushed me but you didn't destroy me. I died and came back to life with something you'll never have. You have violence, and terror, and loneliness" [Stands up]  "I have power" [Lights in building all turn on]  "We have faith."