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What are Algorithms of Thought?

Status:: budding

Algorithms of Thought are a systematic process that you can step your thoughts through. These Mental Models act as a defined framework that can reduce your cognitive load.

Be aware that reliance on an algorithm without the periodic evaluation of that algorithm can lead to some unintentional mental Dark Patterns or antipatterns.

My algorithms

Drafting a conversation response

{{embed: ((9Y6k41jUq))}}

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Difference Engine

- Current Situation:: 
- Future Situation::
    - where you want to be
- Differences::
- Most Serious Difference::
    - Steps to Reduce Difference::

I want - what you want and any associated tags

- Impediment:: What's standing in your way
    - Remedy:: How to fix it
- Action Items::

Progressive Expansion - from @mattgoldenberg

- Similar To::
- Different Than::
- Examples::
- Application::
- Questions::

Rotate the Problem

Change the angle you are looking at something

Choose one aspect of a situation where you have an opinion or have made a choice.

Thing about other viewpoints

Look at the problem if the exact opposite was true

extrapolate from there