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When you shouldn't use Roam (from a daily Roam user)


I love Roam Research, I use it literally every day

The community around Roam excites me, the extensibility of Roam excites me, future that Roam is trying to make excites me

Roam is in Beta. They are a small and talented company who only opened their gates to the large public less than a year ago

They are trying to solve problems that don't have answers yet. That means they're going to get somethings wrong. As @conaw has said "If it's worth doing it's worth doing wrong first.

Roam is a for profit company and THAT'S A GOOD THING

Conar and the team believe (and rightly so) that Roam is worth the price tag EVEN THOUGH it's not perfect, not ready for primetime. That says something about the projected value of the system they're building

If you don't see it's value in the same light (totally valid, I myself am on the scholar's discount) then try something else

If you're upset by this my guess is that's there's an expectation gap

There are more things that Roam is not than things that it is

Roam can do A LOT and you can twist its arm a bit to make it do even more but just because it's possible to do something doesn't mean that the user experience of that thing is going to be the best.

Much of the incredible community innovation and contribution are essentially hacks on top of a system that is still in flux

Roam doesn't have XYZ it's concerning that doesn't care about XYZ

again Roam is NEW and SMALL. Just because it doesn't exist yet doesn't mean that they aren't planning on adding it.

Overall it seems like there's been an explosion of new Roam users in the last few months who expect a finished product and while Roam is incredible it's far from finished or polished. That's not a dig, that's exciting.