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Why stylize Roam?

Status:: seedlings

Brain dump

avoid syntactical adjacencies

creates your own syntactical language

Related to evergreen notes

Trying my best to future proof my graph while understanding that I'm not going to get it right

If you read the white paper and peruse the help database you can start to sketch out what the future of roam may look like

Have tried several different 'systems' like PARA

I pay close attention to roamcult twitter and many of these items have evolved from discussions had there

I had a lot of tag & page name indecision when I started out. "Is this what I really want to tag something?" "Is this page name right?"

Roam was a new landscape and I needed to more understand how the underlying platform worked

Roam lends itself to tangential though and repeated return

You're all here to learn together, to build on the collective consciousness. A style guide is the guide rails for doing that

Some of these are based off of best practices according Person/Andy Matuschak's notes

Because Roam acts as a repository for both our thoughts as well as the thoughts of others it's important to make a clear delineation between the two.

Be aware that the more rigid you are the more likely you are to fall off the bandwagon but if you

Stages of writing

Especially important in multiplayer

There are some aspects of this that I am more strict about than others

There's a fine line between removing friction and using the friction to embed something in your brain

Questions to answer

What is a style guide?

Most useful to define what a style guide isn't.

A style guide is not a rigid set of rules

Not a Strunk & White guide to grammar but an evolving set of agreed upon guide rails. bumpers to help facilitate connections across the graph.

A style guide is not something to import from someone else and then forget about

Why is a style guide useful?

Helps to avoid avoid syntactical adjacencies

idea vs ideas

Helps with searches

Helps steer your brain towards notes that are atomized on the block level

Helps avoid tag & page name indecision

Does a style guide get in the way of writing?

I think the single most important style that I follow is also the most basic. When quoting use quotes