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Article/The Case for Large Cities in a Post-Pandemic World

Author:: Rebecca Jennings

Full Title:: The Case for Large Cities in a Post-Pandemic World

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First added January 14th, 2021

Cities are communal, they attract people who don’t want homogeneity, who can tolerate a little chaos, and who aren’t afraid of other human beings. .float-right View Highlight

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Maybe people will be so tired of having been forced to be private in quarantine that they’ll want to share space and connect. .float-right View Highlight

"One of the reasons people left is not because they're afraid of Covid, it's because they didn't want to be bored. What they meant was they couldn't shop or go to restaurants. If you come to New York from somewhere else with a purpose of consuming, and you remove consumerism — which is what the pandemic did — there's no reason for you to be here." .float-right View Highlight