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January 23rd, 2021


#[Twitter thread] by @Conaw on the upcoming RoamGames:

The folks at @RoamBounties have been having all together too much fun It is time we entered the fray For the next 3 months, we'll announce a new challenge every two weeks, for each challenge we'll distribute $10,000 to those whose public work pushes the frontier the farthest.

I'll announce the first challenge in the next 48 hours. If you choose to play - share your ideas, progress, videos, and examples with the RoamGames hashtag. And know, these games are not a competition - per se...Our hope is they will be a spectacle, a jam session

To that end, we will be judging not just on the work you put forward - but how the Intermediate Packets you share along the way inspire others -- how you help to grow the commons, and inspire others in the #roamcult faithful.. what others build on your foundation....

The frontier is vast and wild and unmapped. It's the perfect time to run boldly in the wrong direction. If we learn from one another, we might just figure out where we are.

If you're somewhat confused about what these RoamGames actually are - or how they work -- don't worry, my teammates at @RoamResearch had no idea what I was talking about either, and they learned about this the same time you did. Such is the tax for flowery language.

I'll be a bit more clear.

The RoamGames will include a mix of technical, design, and editorial challenges.

For some, you may want to team up with other Roamans and combine your skills.

Every 2 weeks we'll look through RoamGames tweets, and distribute a fresh 10k.

What will the challenges look like specifically? If I told you now, I'd have to start the clock. Also - to be honest... I don't know either. I'm making this up as I go. I can give you some suggestions of ideas and skills you may want to brush up on now though...

First - I would look at the ideas that @worrydream put forward here, and consider the kinds of "Context Sensitive Information Graphics" that do not yet exist, but perhaps could, and perhaps should.

I would also consider playing with the new .class-tags Any tag you add that starts with a . will add the class of that page to the block

This could be a fun experiment to implement ideas from chapters 4 & 5 of “Reinventing Discovery”. The examples in the book are gold but takeaway here. If roam can figure out multiplayer mode, the opportunities in research & learning are endless.

I would probably also look into some of the absolutely wild things that folks in #roamcult have already done with and Roam JS

Look at Smart Blocks - and the wild integrations particularly

This S**t is 🍌 B. A. N. A. N. A. S.

Feeling incredibly energized by the idea of the RoamGames I think I'll need to rework how I use twitter just for this.

RoamGames feels a lot like Person/Robin Sloan's Double Dagger society, multiplying effects

I'm loving the new RoamAlphaAPI endpoints but I wish creating a block returned the new block's UID

Progress on the Annotation Department API project

Add annotations via the new RoamAlphaAPI endpoint


        {"parent-uid": "01-21-2021", 
         "order": 0}, 
        {"string": "test"}})


        {"title": "test"}});


UID = roamAlphaAPI.util.generateUID();


specific page

:q [:find ?id
        [?e :node/title "blarg"]
        [?e :block/uid ?id]