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July 2nd, 2020

sexuality and Safety

There's actually something important to be {{or: mined | synthesized}} from this that a lot of guys don't get. In my experience feeling safe and feeling sexual are extremely closely related. Just by virtual of societal dynamics women typically have a higher barrier to feelings of sexual safety, especially with men.

On the whole, in terms of actual sexual desires, there is not much difference between the genders. Only a difference in expression, ie communication

What is the overlap between architecture and level design ?

both are about directing human behaviors

both can use 'breadcrumbs' or 'nudges' to facilitate intended behavior

Quick and easy lunch recipes

tiny burritos

rice, sausage, cilantro, pepper

personal pizzas

red onion, bbq sauce, chicken


banana peppers

pesto pasta salad

pesto, chicken, red pepper, orzo, pine nuts, tomato, red onion