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October 16th, 2020


Move from selling your time to storing your effort in digital assets that you can sell twice.

Focus: The more frequently you interrupt the compound curve, the longer time-freedom will elude you.

Iterate: Get going, then get good.

Productize: Move from selling time to building systems that generate results repeatedly.

Solve problems: Identify a need and develop a treatment

Get your reps in: Building anything valuable and defensible takes time, effort and energy.

Use tools for leverage: Build an ecosystem for attracting and retaining customers.

Practice content leverage: Use media to stop doing things twice that can be done once.

Build value ladders: Expand into every segment of your market.

Keep going: What feels futile early is foundational later.

The full program is available here

Cool things I want to see or do in Roam Research

Very simple to-do app

very simple note input app

getting thoughts into roam on mobile is the worst right now

share to roam

use roam syntax

create a new choose-your-own-adventure

follow different characters in a story

New ways of roam graph visualization similar to in my Digital Garden

create in index of blocks sorted by the day they were created


maybe blow up blocks that were created and then edited?