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October 25th, 2020

D&D npc ideas

just a eternally cheerful schmuck working the mideval gig economy and pops up every episode in a new role



Definition::physical or intellectual pleasure, delight, or ecstasy

"unify the mind to unify the world"

The light work can overwhelm the shadow work

sensuality should break through from the kink scene and be useful in everyday life

the degree of turned on vs off can be an indicator of how we feel about any given moment

The withholding of approval in the present moment creates an existential tension. They are essentially talking about edging as a life practice

"What you resist persists"

the more you don't want the more you are defined by what you don't want

"shame kills the inherent magic within yourself about yourself"

Diagnose your comfort by going really slowly, this makes it easier to hear the voices within yourself giving you feedback

look for physical cues of your body tightening up

"Magic is in your head, your head is just bigger than you think it is"

"eroticize your life"