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October 29th, 2020



Chapter: Introduction

Most writing advices is focused on large writing but most writing happens everyday in small bits. This is the writing that is most numerous and also what we should work to perfect. Writing is the medium of understanding.

Note taking is the pre-work. The ground work that we do in the time before the blank page and the deadline.

Chapter: 1  Everything You Need to Know

Chapter: 1.1 Good Solutions are Simple – and Unexpected

Work to lessen your cognitive overhead. The more you need to keep in your head the less thinking you can do. This is what a note taking 'system' is for, scaffolding for your thoughts.

How does this translate to architecture and work ? Does it lend itself to taking 'process' notes or maybe 'workflow' notes?

Taking Smart notes boils down into two concepts: The slip box and a consistent routine.

GTD from Book/Getting Things Done works very well for tasks were the goal is clearly defined not ones (like writing or design) where the path is meandering.

Chapter: 1.2 The Slip-box

Person/Niklas Luhmann, creator of the slip-box, worked in a way that is opposite of most. "Instead of trying to squeeze as many publications out of one idea as possible ... he [tried] to squeeze as much insight and as many ideas as possible into one publication." This was due to how much he read, how much he notated, and how he notated; the slip-box.

Constant adjustment must be {{or: integrated into the system | allocated | planned for}}. Forcing a creative endeavor will not lead to productive output so we must always be ready to pivot and re-adjust to align with our sense of fun and keep motivation.

Success is environmentally based

Chapter: 1.3 The slip-box manual

The slip-box was the start of the atomic idea. Evergreen Notes and Roam Research have based themselves on this concept of thinking

Is this extremely extra and also a lot of work to set up and test? Heck yes but that's half the fun. The other half comes from the reaction to it when it works