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I have a theory about the passage of time.

When you're in school time seemed to move along at a slow pace. Once you leave the bubble of academia that all changes. Weeks blur into months blur into years seeming to speed up as they go by.

Why does this happen? The majority of our lives are spent outside of school so why does that time seem to fly by faster than our relatively short span in a classroom?

I see two potential explanations

Our brains remember formative years more strongly


My money is on signposting.

What is signposting?

School has structure, school has a regimented framework based on fixed events and amounts of time. Grade levels, semesters, and test all serve as markers for time.

When we leave the bubble of academic life the spaced between normalized signposts of life gets way longer.

A great example of small scale signposting is the Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro Technique is a style of time management

What are some adulthood signposts?

First/new job (typ 2-5 years)

First/new apartment (typ 2-5 years)

Firsts with your SO

Buying first house


Outline Questions For Getting Started

{{TODO}} What is the main question?

What is signposting?

{{{DONE}}}} Why does the topic matter to me?

Why am In interested in this?

I've recently been getting into writing

One of the concepts I've been investigating is our perception of the passage of time and how it can change based on context.

This is especially interesting due to the collective quarantine experience we as a society are going through. At the beginning when things were new time felt weird and divorced from the 'now', whatever that is.

time is always now

{{{DONE}}} What are the constraints of the research topic? (length, format, subtopics)

none, essay format for my Digital Garden

{{TODO}} Brain dump of what you know about the topic.

{{TODO}} Group blocks under headings.