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Wash your courage

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Told someone I loved them for the first time

Did something I knew I was bad at in front of a crowd

Wore something to work that was a little out of character

Getting Started Outline

{{DONE}} What is the main question?

What is washing your courage?

intentionally doing something that scares you

Why does your courage need to be washed?

It's easy to slip into comfortable loops. Breaking out of those loops makes you realize that you can be so much more than you are

What are some ways that I have washed my courage?

Does washing courage need to be with another person? Does it need to be a big event?

{{DONE}} Why does the topic matter to me?

Quite often I find myself within increasingly comfortable loops. I may be unhappy in those loops but the pain of changing is perceived as greater than the pain of staying the same.

{{DONE}} Collect relevant related blocks.


"we find a way [ in monogamy ] that is the least vulnerable and that becomes the path of least resistance but ... also the least sexy"


The second way of expressing truth is by being courageous and fighting through our fears and anxieties.

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