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What am I Curious About?

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Tags:: writing

This is a page of things I actively am curious about for curiosity sake. For things I want to know about as a function of my goals take a look at Functional Curiosity

⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️ I'm just a person trying to figure things out; thinking and learning with the garage door up. As such the thoughts here should be viewed as incomplete, inelegant and extremely malleable. Take a look at all of the things I am curious about here.

Primary Interests

Signposting and perceptual manipulation of the passage of time

Cooking recipes

How to make new dishes

improv comedy

sexuality : how it manifests, feels, how it is communicated ( performed ) and is perceived

a digital brain / memex / Connected Note Taking / networked thought

What is awe ? How does awe happen?

How is success informed by failure? How do successful people digest failure?

self-hosting micro-services

storytelling; the structure of stories, their impact, and what makes them impactful

How can the digital services I use work together to create compound returns?

Casual Interests

note there is a venn diagram overlap between casual interest and Functional Curiosity

Space Exploration

Words & Linguistics

Animation art

Combinations of 2d and 3d like the stuff by Dedouze


Data Visualization


metal work/ blacksmithing

glass blowing



Tensile Structures and the work of Person/Frei Otto

Language and interesting words